Choose the Alliston Home Inspector for your next purchase.

Certified Master InspectorBuying a new home is probably one of a families biggest investments.  Protect your investment with a home inspection conducted by a seasoned veteran with over 5,000 paid residential inspections.  Roger Frost is also a Certified Building Code Official with the Ontario Building Officials Association,  Certified Master Inspector, Member of NACHI, Member of NACBI and WETT Certified for wood burning appliance inspections.

Every new inspector has to get his start somewhere, we all are faced with that daunting task,  you probably just don’t want the “new guy” practicing on your home.  There are many new Home Inspectors who have recently opened up shop and they are easy to spot,  they don’t have any qualifications listed on their web site.

With over ten years of residential home inspection experience we have the confidence to offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee on everyone of our home inspections.  Our company also performs Commercial Property Inspections for an area covering most of Southern Ontario.  We have inspected residential apartment buildings for multi-national investors and plaza’s valued in excess of 30 million dollars.

Free Thermal Imaging is offered with every home inspection.  The Alliston Home Inspector was the first home inspector in Simcoe County to offer Thermal Imaging.  We have been offering Thermal Imaging for the past  7 years.  Infrared Camera can help find missing insulation, moisture issues, hot spots in electrical systems and areas of heat loss.

We offer a WETT inspection of one appliance for $50.00 when included as part of home inspection.  Most insurance companies now require a WETT Inspection on any wood stove, fireplace or pellet stove prior to insuring your home.  Many older stove and fireplaces will not meet current WETT requirements.  Having a Site Basic Insurance inspection may save you money and needless stress.

Buying a Century Home?  We are known throughout Simcoe County for our expertise in inspecting older homes.  Many times we have found knob and tube wiring, aluminum wiring, asbestos wrapped on heat ducts, vermiculite insulation and galvanized plumbing, which have been missed on previous inspections.   Many insurance companies will not insure homes with some or any of these issues.

Your home inspection includes a complete review of home at time of the inspection followed up with a Computerized Report detailing every aspect of your home inspection.  Every deficiency and maintenance issue is  documented with picture and details.  Enjoy a Risk Free home inspection by choosing the Alliston Home inspector for your next home purchase.