Home Inspector Licensing in 2014


Home-inspection-informationFollowing the example of British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec, Ontario has just completed a four month policy project to determine the outlines for a model to be used in Ontario.

Expectations are that the Ontario Government will follow its model of using a Delegated Administrative Authority.  The DAA model still allows the government to control policies but the costs are paid by the user fees.  As noted in the OBOA journal, once these DAA’s are created they rarely ever go away.  Anyone with any experience with the government can understand how they would love to control something but not have to pay for anything.  Just another form of hidden taxation which seems to be the current way that governments are now using to take our money but not have to account for it.  Or maybe just cancel some gas plants and blow a billion dollars plus out the door of taxpayers money.

The main items that will be addressed is the requirement for a Home Inspector to carry insurance, the standard Errors & Omissions coverage and Commercial General Liability insurance.  Prior to entering into practice a Home Inspector will have to passing “industry standard” examinations and/or field tests.  There will also be requirements for ongoing Professional Development.  This may include mandatory annual testing and continual education requirements.

The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) is currently in the process of creating a Standard on Home Inspections CSA A770.  This standard will be developed in conjunction with Stakeholder input in the following Categories;  Consumer/User Interest;  General Interest;  Home Inspectors; Regulators and Service Industry.

Once the CAS A770 Standard is created the Provinces Delegated Administrative Authority will begin its implementation.  Most CSA Standards typically take about 18 months to create so the new rules affecting Home Inspectors in Ontario will most likely be in effect sometime during 2014.

It will be interesting to see how the new regulations will affect Franchise Operations who have their own 2 or 3 week training programs or multi-inspector companies like Mike Holmes, who may have to go back to school to become a Licensed Home Inspector.