Maintenance Tips for Home Owners

Browse our Maintenance Tips for Home Owners to find some helpful tips on preventing damage to the outside or inside of your home.  All our articles are based on typical items found during Home Inspections in Barrie and Local Area.  Investing a little time and money on Preventive Maintenance can prevent minor problems from becoming a major expense down the road.  Ignoring small deficiencies around the home can lead to a situation where returning your home to its once pristine condition can be an overwhelming project.

Century Home Inspections are unique as the quality of maintenance and renovations dictates the overall condition of the home.  Some Century Homes may have undergone multiple renovations over the years and unravelling the scope of work and quality is an interesting experience.  Many homes have issues that may have not been properly dealt with.  Asbestos, Galvanized Plumbing, Lead Pipes, Knob and Tube wiring and Structural Issues are common on many of these older homes.

Many issues, such as Knob and Tube wiring or Asbestos on heating ducts will be Deal Breakers for many potential buyers.  Knowing the condition of your own home is an important first step in protecting your investment.  When planning a major renovation or Project please keep in mind the old saying,  A house is only as good as its foundation.   Whether you are replacing shingles, flooring or removing walls for expansion,  hire a professional to ensure the finished product adds value to your home rather than reducing the appeal of the home. Many  homes that I have inspected have had to value of the installed finish diminished by poor workmanship.  Unfortunately most Home Inspectors and Prospective Buyers eyes are immediately drawn to tell tale signs of poor workmanship.

Pex Plumbing Problems

Problems with Pex Plumbing Complaints about early PEX water systems started when the fittings used to connect the pipes failed causing leaks.  Manufactures improved their fittings which solved that problem and the popularity of PEX surged. Today, PEX is used in more...

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WETT Inspections Barrie

WETT Inspections Barrie - Wood Burning Appliances WETT Inspections - Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc. (WETT) is a non-profit training and education association that promotes the safe and effective use of wood burning systems in Canada. With the cost of heating...

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Spring Maintenance Tips

Spring Maintenance Tips to Improve Your Home Well the snow is quickly fading and your Yard and House need some loving care.  Here are some Spring Maintenance Tips that might make that a little easier for you.  Timely maintenance can often prevent a small problem from...

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Structural Inspection

Structural Inspection -  Home Inspection is Visual Inspection Only The structural inspection of your home is an important part of the home inspection process.  As a Professional Home inspector we can only note any visual deficiencies and comment on probable cause of...

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Free Thermal Imaging Inspections

FREE Thermal Imaging Inspections Barrie | Orillia | Alliston           We provide Free Thermal Imaging scans of your exterior walls and electrical panel as part of your home inspection.Infrared testing is based on the principle that heat flow...

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Roof Inspections

Roof Inspections Identify Problems Roof Inspections will frequently alert the home owner to the condition of the homes roof.  Whether it is about to fail or an estimate of the remaining life expectancy.   Many times a section of roof is not visible from the ground and...

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Knob & Tube Wiring

Knob & Tube Wiring found during Home Inspection Knob & Tube wiring was installed in houses up until about 1950. This system consists or two wires, one black or hot wire and the other white or neutral to create a circuit. These two single wires are held in...

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Thermal Imaging and Your Home Inspection

Thermal Imaging of Home - Free with every inspection Thermal Imaging and Home Inspections is an added insurance for the home buyer.  Thermal Imaging is the use of an infrared camera to show images which show differences in surface temperatures. These differences are...

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Investing in Barrie

Investing in Barrie Investing in Barrie, ON is a popular “investment opportunity” city with buyers that are flocking to the city to invest in Real Estate.  Recently Barrie was ranked only behind Waterloo, Kitchener and Hamilton by the Real Estate investment Network....

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