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Barrie Home Inspections

Barrie Home Inspections provides Professional Property Assessments throughout Simcoe County

What is a home inspection?  A A home inspection is a professional consulting service that determines the present condition of the home’s major systems, based on a visual inspection of accessible features. It focuses on the performance of the home, rather than cosmetic, code or design issues. Inspections are often performed during a real estate transaction but may be done anytime.  It is a visual and professional evaluation of the readily accessible systems based on the time of the inspection. Components included in the assessment are Roof, Structure, Exterior, Electrical System, Heating and Air Conditioning, Plumbing, Insulation, Interior and Mechanical and Natural Ventilation Systems.

We always invite our clients to follow us along during the home inspection.  For most buyers it is the first in-depth look at the property they are purchasing.  We are happy to point out all the features, systems and maintenance requirements of your new home.  Also, we are available to answer any questions you may have.  We never leave an inspection until all deficiencies have been fully explained to you and all your questions are answered.

Enjoy Peace of Mind by having your home inspected by a Certified Building Code Official and Master Inspector.

Certified-Master-InspectorAs a member of the Ontario Building Officials Association and a Certified Master Inspector you can count on having your investment protected against unforeseen financial expenditures. In Ontario anyone can call themselves a Home Inspector without any formal training or knowledge.  When purchasing a home it is definitely “Buyer Beware”.  While many inspectors do not address Building Code Issues due to lack of training, we will identify and comment on Building Code Infractions, Engineering Issues and By-Law infractions if noted.  A municipality cannot reduced Building Code Requirements but they are allowed to make them more stringent.

Experience, Knowledge and Training coupled with over 7500 home inspections  

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We typically perform 12 residential home inspections per week.  With over 15 years experience doing actual home inspections we offer you the best inspection “Money Can Buy!”. We also provide Commercial Property Inspections for Industrial Buildings, Strip Malls, Plaza’s, Apartment Buildings, Restaurants, Churches and Commercial Stores.  Even on Pre-Deliver Inspections on new homes we will typically find 20 to 30 items of concern.  Although you are protected by a Tarion Warranty and the Local Building Department has performed at least 12 inspections you would be surprised to find what was missed.

FREE THERMAL IMAGING with every home inspection

Heat Coils verified with Free Thermal Imaging Inspection

Heated Floor in Bathroom

An Infrared Camera can help find moisture, missing insulation and electrical hot spots that can be hidden in your home.  We include this service FREE with every home inspection.  Some inspectors can not afford this new technology and others want to charge you extra to use it.  We consider it an important part of the home inspection and use it on every home.

Despite what you might have heard or seen,a thermal or infrared (IR) camera can’t see through walls or ceilings. Instead, they display colour images based on the surface temperatures of various materials being viewed. To illustrate, think of a digital camera that requires thousands of points (or pixels) to form a photo.  An IR camera on the other hand, requires thousands of points (temperature readings) to display a thermal image. Warmer surface temperatures show up as brighter colours and cooler surface temperatures will show up as darker colours on the IR camera’s display.  These can be evaluated by a qualified operator to determine what images are typical and where there might be an issue.   To properly function there needs to be a 20 deg F difference in outside and interior temperature.   So in the summer when the a/c is running I am looking for hot spots where heat from outside is entering the building envelope.

Money Back Guarantee on Every Inspection – Good for 30 Days after taking possession.

Money Back Guarantee

We offer the only “Iron Clad” Money Back Guarantee in Simcoe County.  No trick conditions or other escape clauses, just a simple agreement.  If you are not happy with your Home Inspection within 30 days of taking possession of your home,  you get you money refunded – No Questions Asked!  We can offer this Guarantee because we have the Experience, Knowledge and Training not to miss items that may cost you money.

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We Provide Commercial Building Inspection and Residential Inspection Services to Alliston, Alcona, Angus, Barrie, Bradford, Bracebridge,  Collingwood, Creemore, Elmvale, Innisfil, OrilliaMidland, Newmarket, Penetanguishene, Ramara, Stayner
and Stroud