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Barrie Home Inspector

The Barrie Home Inspector has over 20 years of actual Home Inspection Experience and has completed over 8,000 inspections. As a Certfied Building Code Official with the Ontario Building Officials Association and a Certified Master Inspector, allows you Peace of Mind when making your next home purchase.

Why You Need a Home Inspection

The Barrie ON Home Inspector has completed the Carson & Dunlop Home Inspection Training Course and is a member of the National Commercial Building Inspectors Association. His Training and Experience  can help you avoid unwanted stress and possible financial loss.  While unable to see through walls many deficiencies can be detected by seeing the result of poor workmanship or improper building practices.

Every home has some issues, even brand new homes.  A Professional Home Inspection can protect you from the unexpected, which could cost you a lot of money.  Buying a brand new home does not provide you anymore protection other than what the Tarion Warranty provides, and that is not guaranteed.

List of Deficiencies found in Brand New Homes

  1.  Ice and Water Shield not installed on roof.  Roofer pockets approximately $400.00  ( cannot be fixed without removing shingles )Barrie ON Home Inspector
  2. Engineered Floor Joists drilled through by Plumber & Gas Man.  ( requires detail drawing from engineer to repair )
  3. Wrong Styrofoam used on exterior of home.  EIFS fell off after one year.  (  not Tarion Warranty on house )
  4. Poor Landscaping – water drained from driveway to under front porch and foundation. ( buyers had to take builder to court )
  5. Poor Workmanship – Floor Tiles were laid without using spacers and grout spacing was varied over entire floor. ( buyers had to take builder to court )
  6. Brick Layer started wall on top of a mortar base.  Eventually all brick had to be removed.  ( this was covered by Tarion after a long battle )
  7. Windows that cannot be opened.  Casement window hit decorative soffit and could not be opened.
  8. Basement bathroom rough in right in front of electrical panel.   Electrical panels are not permitted in bathrooms.
  9. Windows – One subdivision in Innisfil had issues with windows that had not been resolved when I talked with neighbor.

Think that Tarion Home Warranty will protect your biggest Financial Investment?

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Home Inspection Qualifications

At least once a month I am asked by a client; ” How can I become a Home Inspector? ”   I always tell them the same thing,  just print up some cards, start a website and you are in business.  I do tell them that most new entries into the Home Inspection Market will take a course like the Georgian College Home Inspection Course.  Talk to your Realtor,  having enough qualifications and experience is the main requirement to gaining the trust of Realtor’s who do not want some “newbie home inspector” blowing their prospective deal out of the water do to inexperience.

One of my clients had that happen to them, but  it was their own home that was being inspected by some “Newbie”.  I got a frantic call from the Realtor that their buyers own “Home Inspection” had found moisture behind basement wall and cracks in the foundation.  The Realtor asked if I could stop over and verify these findings.  What I found would be considered “funny” if so much money and two Real Estate deals were not on the line.

Findings of my Inspection:

  1. The moisture in the wall, which “Newbie found using Moisture Detector”, turned out to be the metal corner bead which ran along foundation ledge approximately 3 feet up from floor.
  2. The “Cracks in Foundation” found using Thermal Imaging were not cracks but possibly electrical wiring between studs.  Thermal Imaging will not find cracks in foundations behind insulated walls.  Thermal Imaging would detect water coming through crack, but only when it is active and moisture is present.  This was clearly a lack of Experience and Knowledge.
  3. The homeowner had to wait over two hours because the “Newbie Inspector” forgot his ladder for attic access, and had to go home to get it.  So he obviously never checked the roof.

Interesting Findings During Home Inspections

  1.  Home was listed as having a separate 200 amp service for large workshop.   Actually someone had made an illegal connection to Service Entrance area of main panel.  So there was a 200 amp service running to shop with no over amperage protection.
  2. Home in Midland had 100 amp breaker panel with no shut off for main power.  Connection must have been made using live conductors or electrical meter pulled to interrupt power.  This same house, being sold as is, had floor joist cut to install stairs to basement with no header support added to support cut joist.
  3. Brand new home in Barrie had two engineered floor joist drilled through top chord by plumber and gas fitter.  They never reported damage and city inspector did not find them.
  4. Brand new townhouse in Barrie had no Ice and Water Shield installed on upper roof.
  5. Home Owner needed some storage roof in attic area of garage.  He cut one side of engineered wood truss supports all along area he wanted for storage.
  6. Innisfil home owner installed basement apartment.  Plumbing drain line was supported on short piece of ABS pipe turned on its side.
  7. Basement walls with metal framing using Romex wiring with out proper Grommets or Stand Offs.   No Building Permit or Electrical Inspection.
  8. Multitude of unsafe electrical work.  Taped wire connections made outside of boxes, reversed polarity, wiring entering panels without connectors etc.
  9. Recently contacted by client whose natural gas fireplace was noted as being defective as it would not light.  He called in Enbridge Gas and they identified that unit was to close to attached commercial building.   Wall would have to be moved to comply with gas regulations.

View Pictures of Actual Home Inspection Defects

100% Money Back Guarantee

Every Home Inspection by the Barrie Home Inspector is guaranteed for a period of 30 days after you take possession of your home.  This gives the Home Owner ample time to find any issues that they think should have been observed during the home inspection.  We want our clients to be 100% Satisfied and to Know that we stand 100% behind our Home Inspection Service.

Home Inspection Frequently Asked Questions

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