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FAQ Home Inspection

Answers to typical questions
Frequently Asked Questions from home inspection clients.  Visit our home maintenance articles written to assist Home Owners learn more about how their homes systems and
components function. Here are some articles on some general topics of interest:

Plumbing Articles: 

Plumbing Inspections –  Some interesting facts on your home plumbing fixtures and installation.

Plumbing Installation and Problems –  A little history of plumbing and some problems you can avoid.

Plumbing Tips for Home Owners – How to deal with plumbing problems a painlessly as possible.


Electrical Articles:

Selection of Electrical Problems  – Collection of common electrical issues found during home inspections.

DIY Electrical – Pitfalls of many Do it Your Self electrical installations

Home Inspection and Electrical Problems – Problems with un-permitted electrical installations.

Electrical Panels in Bathrooms –  This is never permitted and is a common occurrence.  Many home owners will build their basement bathroom and enclose their main panel board.  This is illegal and indicates that renovation was done without a Building Permit or Electrical Inspection.


Certified WETT Inspections:

WETT and Chimney Inspections –  WETT explanation and Chimney Inspections


Failed WETT Inspection

Barrie WETT Inspector –  What is WETT Certified – Courses required.

Fireplace Inserts –  Requirements for installing and inspecting.


Exterior Inspections:

Inspecting Your Exterior Finish – Describing the various exterior finish encounter during home inspections.

Exterior Inspection - Cracked Motar

Exterior Inspection

EIFS Exterior Finish –  Exterior Insulated Finish Systems inspections

Wood Exterior Finish –  How to repair wood on your home.

Almost every home requires caulking on the Exterior Finish.  Windows, door and material joints should all be caulked to prevent the entry of water.  Using a high quality caulking material is highly recommended as the cost of caulking is negligible compared the amount of labor involved.


Foundation Inspections:

Painting Your Foundation –  Tips on painting your foundation

Repairing Your Foundation – Article on cracks and various methods of repair.

Injection Repair Method –  How injection crack filling works


Roof Inspections:

Active Roof Leaks –  How to stop roof leaks.  Tips on how to stop a sudden roof leak and materials recommended for use.

Roof Replacement –  Areas that may require attention when re-shingling.  Two layers of shingles, new flashing, starter strip along eave, chimney flashing and ventilation should all be considered when replacing your roof.plywood over cedar roof repair

DIY Roof Repair –  Information on doing your own roof repair.

Choosing Your Roofer –  Tips on how to choose the right roofer for your home.


Heating Inspections:

High Efficiency Furnaces – How they work and what is AFUE rating?

Heating Inspection

Heating Inspection – Improper Clearance

Furnace Maintenance – How to get the most out of your furnace.

Choosing a Furnace –  Tips on how to choose best gas furnace for your home.

Another common problem is a missing cover for air filter.  This allows cold air to be drawn in at furnace location and can affect the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning throughout the house.


Mould Inspections:

Mould in Your Home – How to determine if you have mould and some remedies.  Read More about Mould

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