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Whether you are a new home purchaser or are purchasing a century home, these resources will make your decisions a little easier. The local real estate market is booming and houses are moving quickly. The following list of common problems and solutions will make your decision that much easier.

As a member of the Ontario Building Officials Association, I receive information concerning new updates in technology and techniques as soon as they are approved. This is one of the continuing education processes that we participate in to bring you the best service possible. Building by-laws in all of Simcoe County are another area where we keep our knowledge as current as possible.

Use links below for individual home resources.


          • Electrical

            - common electrical hazards and problems found during home inspection

          • Basements

            - basement issues that affect home owners

          • Heating

            - Furnace and heating problems found in homes

          • Structural

            - sample of structural issues found during home inspections

          • Roofing

            - typical roofing issues a home owner might encounter

          • Windows

            - window issues in the home

          • Water Problems

            - common water and moisture problems found during home inspection

          • Consumer Alerts

            - common electrical hazards and problems found during home inspection

          • Mould Information

            - mould found during home inspections and causes

          • UFFI Guide

            - urea formaldehyde foam insulationinformation

          • Component Life

            - Typical Life Expectancy for Homes Components

          • Repair Costs

            - Typical repair costs for Ontario

          • WETT Inspecton


Oil Tank Certification

Read the latest oil tank regulations.

Aluminum Wiring
Is It Safe?

Articles, Bulletins and Alerts


Errors & Omissions Coverage

WETT Information

Complete resource for wood burning technology and informa-
tion for the home owner.

NACHI Membership

Home Owners Information

WETT Certificate