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Yes you can Quit Smoking in Less than ONE HOUR at Imagine Laserworks!

Join the Hundreds of Clients who have Stopped Smoking or Lost Weight using our Proven Laser Therapy Program.  We have over an 85% Success Rate which enables you to break your ADDICTION TO SMOKING OR FOOD!

As a member of Canada’s Largest and Most Successful “STOP SMOKING TREATMENT CENTERS” we have the Training & Knowledge to enable to successfully Quit Smoking.

You can stop smoking in one hour!

Low Level Laser treatments are a safe & proven method to Quit Smoking. Our Canada Wide Treatment Centers use Profession Techniques based on tried and true protocols, our low level laser clinics boast a higher success rate than all of these methods combined! Many quit-smoking fads have popped up and then disappeared over the years with little or no impact on treating the addiction itself. Most of these programs, including nicotine based gum and the patch, are drug (nicotine) based.  So, they basically are advising you to use an addictive chemical to break the addition of the very same chemical?

Nicotine triggers the release of endorphins, which also act as a natural painkiller produced by your body. Nicotine can be addictive in the same way that opiate based painkillers can become addictive: it feels good physically to be free from pain and to experience the euphoria that endorphins provide.

Our treatment, as opposed to all other methods, actually puts you in an elevated mood, which gives you the mental strength and desire to finally “Break the Habit”.

Specific energy points in the ears, wrist, face and hands are used to accomplish this.  The same points used in Acupuncture.

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Quit Smoking Treatment Centers in New Brunswick

Imagine Laserworks MonctonSaint John Laser CenterWellness Clinic Fredericton
Quit Smoking MonctonQuit Smoking Saint JohnQuit Smoking Fredericton
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Quit Smoking Treatment Centers in New Brunswick & P.E.I.

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Quit Smoking Grand FallsQuit Smoking CharlottetownQuit Smoking Fredericton
Stop Smoking & Weight Loss TreatmentLaser Ease Therapeutics IncFirst Choice in Natural Medicine
Imagine Laserworks Grand FallsStop Smoking TherapyQuit Smoking – Lose Weight
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