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Stop Smoking Moncton

Stop Smoking in Moncton is now an option for smokers.

Low Level Laser treatments are safe & effective. Using  tried and true protocols, our laser treatment centers boast a success rate that is higher than all of other methods combined! Many quit-smoking programs have come and gone over the years with little or no impact on actually getting people to stop smoking. The majority of these programs, including nicotine based gum and the patch, are drug (nicotine) based.

When Nicotine enters your body it triggers the release of endorphins, which also act as a natural painkiller produced by your body. Nicotine can be addictive in the same way that opiate based painkillers can become addictive: it feels good physically to be free from pain and to experience the euphoria that endorphins provide.

Our treatment, as opposed to all other methods, actually puts you in an elevated mood giving you the strength and determination required to quit.

Specific energy points in the ears, wrist, face and hands are used to accomplish this.

Testimonial from John

I was a 2  1/2 pack a day smoker for over 30 years. I tried to quit on multiple occasions using whatever was popular at the time, patches, gum etc. The Nicotine cravings would bring me back repeatedly and I would start smoking within days. Since my treatment with Imagine Laserworks 18  months ago, I have been completely smoke-free with little to no cravings. With the treatment and advice I received, quitting smoking has been a breeze! Thanks Moncton’s Imagine Laserworks.

Quit-Smoking-Cigarettes-Moncton Low level laser therapy (LLLT) has been clinically proven as an effective treatment of several acute and chronic pain disorders, acute and chronic wounds, obesity and smoking addiction. At Imagine Laserworks we use  the most advanced Low Level Laser technology to promote healing and health. When applied to the skin, Low Level Lasers produce no sensation and do not burn the skin. Because of the low absorption by human skin, Low Level Laser light can penetrate deeply into the tissues where it has a bio-stimulative (healing) effect.

Low Level Laser Therapy promotes improved cellular repair and stimulation of the immune, lymphatic, and vascular systems. Furthermore, Low Level Laser energy that is applied to acupuncture points on the body, also known as ‘laser acupuncture’ has been clinically proven to substantially improve one’s ability to quit smoking, lose weight and fight stress without the need for expensive and harmful medications.

You can now Quit Smoking in as little as 1 Hour.

Imagine Laserworks is the #1 Laser Treatment Center in Moncton NB


Imagine Laserworks in Moncton Dieppe NB

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Suite 102, 976 Champlain St. Dieppe NB – First Floor

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At the Imagine Laserworks Centre in Moncton Dieppe the Laser Acupuncture Technicians will help you quit smoking, lose weight, end addictions, eliminate stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, pain and more in the quickest, easiest and safest way possible with state of the art technology.