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How Hypnosis helps you Quit Smoking

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Remember when you smoked your first cigarette. Most smokers always recount how they coughed or choked when taking that very first puff. Smoking a cigarette, even after stopping for a short period, can make you feel light headed and nauseous. Peer pressure and the desire to “fit in” usually allows us to lie and bravely endure the smell and taste of smoking that first cigarette.

With stop smoking hypnosis, we are going to teach you to use fixation and repetition to keep reminding yourself of the truth. You were not born with an urge to smoke. You basically talked yourself into doing it and now are addicted to having to smoke when you are bored, stressed, angry or nervous. After a while it seemed like smoking was how you got out of those unwanted states of mind. Nothing could be further from the truth.

What if you could learn to deal with stress, boredom or anger without using cigarettes as the cue to change your state of mind? Could giving up smoking be easy if that happened?

Every smoker goes through the same anguish when trying to quit. We all have tried unsuccessfully to quit smoking, only to start again? It’s a pattern than most smokers repeat over and over again. Anyone who smokes will tell you that the problem is not only the addiction to nicotine. The desire to smoke can in fact be connected to stress, social situations, your relationship, boredom, the work environment, and of course simply the habit of having a cigarette.

According to Health Canada:

  • Smoking is responsible for more deaths than overweight and obesity, physical inactivity or high blood pressure.
  • Each day, 100 Canadians die of a smoking-related illness.
  • Smoking and exposure to second-hand smoke were responsible for almost 100 infant deaths from three conditions: sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), low birth weight and short gestation

Smoking cigarettes will put your life and the lives of others around you at risk.



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