How to Prepare for Your WETT Inspection

WETT Inspection by Barrie Home Inspection

Most of our customers do not fully understand what a WETT Inspection is, never mind what it involves.  Typically they have been told by their Insurance Company that they need one prior to getting Home Insurance.  We recommend that prior to booking your WETT Inspection you go through our handy list of items which may make your wood burning appliance non-compliant.  If in doubt you can call Roger at 705-795-8255 to have any of your answered.

A Wood Energy Technology Transfer (WETT) inspection is a thorough inspection of your wood burning appliance by a certified technician.  A certified technician is trained to identify local code compliance standards. This is the only way to know for sure your wood burning appliance is in good enough shape for use.

Fireplace Inspection

Check the firebox for cracked firebricks or lining material. Replace any cracked firebricks to keep the firebox in good shape and prevent overheating which can warp steel components and turn the unit into scrap.

Check the operation of the damper. Quite often dampers are seized or broken which can lead to unsafe or poor operating conditions.

For masonry chimneys, replace any deteriorated or spalling masonry and caulk flashings as needed.

Ensure rain cap is installed to prevent water leakage inside chimneys and their liners.

Clean the unit so there is unobstructed access to provide a proper inspection.


Wood Stove Inspection

Typically I always ask the caller if their wood stove is Certified by an accredited lab, such as CSA, ULC, Warnock-Hersery and Omni, all common listing agencies.  The stove will have a sticker ( label ) on the back that specifies installation requirements.

Check the firebox for cracked firebricks, replace any cracked firebricks to keep the firebox in good shape and prevent overheating which can warp steel, crack welds and render your unit unuseable.

Ensure flue pipes are properly secured with three screws per pipe connection or equivalent pipe clamps installed as installation manuals. Ensure the pipe fittings are oriented correctly and the pipe has correct slope.

Check your wood stoves door gasket to ensure it is intact and still functioning.  ( some local hardware stores carry replacement gaskets )

Check the damper operation, door gasket for deterioration and the door glass for cracking.

Ensure any heat shielding is secured and in good condition.  ( shielding has to be rated or installed in accordance with CSA B365 )

You are required to keep wood storage and combustible materials a minium of 48 inches away from the wood stove in all directions at ALL times.

The items above are the most common defects found during a WETT Inspection.  These are simple repairs that the home owner or handyman can easily remedy prior to inspection.

The Barrie Home Inspector provides WETT Inspections in all of Simcoe County and often does Cottage and Island inspections on weekends as far North as Lake Rosseau.  Call today to book your WETT Inspection.