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Structural Defect Pictures

Structural Defect Pictures from Home Inspections

View Structural Defect Pictures taken by the Barrie Home Inspections

Structural Inspection

Homes of any age are subject over time to weather conditions, ground shifting, warping, and more.

Our home inspection service offers a visual assessment of the structural components of your home, including:

  • Probing with a tool
  • Inspecting framing members
  • Visual inspection of foundations

We would recommend hiring a Structural Engineer if any of following items appear to affect integrity of home:

  • Evidence of shifting foundation walls or horizontal stress cracks in concrete.
  • Bowing or sagging of framing members
  • Insect or wood rot is present
  • fire, wind, water or flood damage

Serious structural problems in houses are not very common, but when they occur they are never cheap to fix. Some can’t be fixed at all. This report won’t turn you into an seasoned home inspector, but it will give you some of the common indicators.

Uneven Floors

Uneven floors are typical, particularly in older century homes. Here is a trick to help distinguish between a typical home with character and a structural problem.If the floor sags to the middle of the home, it’s probably just a charming old home. Century homes can be a labour of love, and a lot of people do not want a “project house”  that will take up all their free time.
On the other hand, if the floor slopes towards an outside wall, there is a good chance that the house has a failing foundation or rotted framing.

Is That House Leaning!

While no house is perfect, this is one “red flag” where you should be very careful. Take a look at the house from across the street. If the house appears to be leaning one way or the other, there may be a structural issue or support failure. It sometime helps to line up a front corner of the house with the back corner of an adjacent house just for reference. The corners should be parallel. Stepping back from the house to take an overview of the whole house is always a good idea. It is easy to miss something major by standing too close to it! If there is a lean that is detectable by eye, don’t take any chances, hire a structural engineer.


There a very few home that don’t have some cracks in the foundation. This goes for new houses as well as old ones. While there is a great deal of engineering that goes into “reading” these cracks, there is one rule that you should never forget. “Horizontal cracks are a problem”.