Home Inspection Defect Pictures –  Defects from Home Inspections

Home Inspection Defect Pictures from actual home inspections.  See the wide variety and unique deficiencies that can be found in many of the homes I inspect.   Some defects are so odd they may make you laugh, but they actually did exist in a home at one time.  Hopefully as all these were identified at the time of the inspection, that they have all been fixed.  Any major deficiencies are also explained to the Listing Realtor to ensure the Home Owner is aware of issues especially if Life Safety is a factor.

Many defects are just from lack of maintenance and are common on most homes.  There are some defects that just make you shake your head in amazement that some one has not been injured.  Everyone knows electricity is dangerous but it is the most common deficiency that I find in basements.   Home owners want to save money so they either do the work themselves or hire someone who is incompetent.  The end result can be improperly installed electrical circuits and possibly dangerous wiring installations.

Air Conditioner basics and inspection items used by the Barrie Home Inspector

Examples of Roof Defects and Roof Construction Basics

Electrical Defect Pictures. Electrical Basics and Terms for installation

Exterior Defect Pictures of Cladding, Windows, Doors and Decks

Heating Defect Pictures of Furnaces, Duct work and other heating products.

Structural Defects can be both dangerous and expensive. Any structural modification requires a design and a building permit.

Pictures of Insulation Defect Pictures taken during home inspections in Barrie and Local Area.

Thermal Imaging is provided FREE with every Home Inspection performed by the Barrie Home Inspector. Find hidden moisture, missing insulation and electrical hot spots.

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