Wood-Safety for your Appliance

Wood Safety is understanding your Appliance

Wood Safety is about understanding your appliances installation instructions and various code requirements.  There are rules and regulations, which coupled with the appliances Installation Instructions are paramount for your families safety.  Proper fuel selection and frequent chimney cleaning can help you have a great heating experience with wood.

Home Insurance – Wood Burning Appliances

  • Home Insurance companies are becoming strict about wood stove installation,  with most companies requiring a WETT Certified Inspection prior to insuring your home.
  • Your WETT Inspection report is the condition your appliances was in at the time of the inspection.  Every Insurance Company has its own policy, ( there is no standard in place for WETT reports ) and some companies will not even accept a WETT Inspection Report that is only 2 weeks old.

Barrie WETT Inspections

Reminder:  It is important to have your inspections performed by a WETT certified professional.  ( level  1 required for  insurance  )

Remember:  When you burn, do it safely  ( read your appliance operating instructions prior to starting a fire )

Welcome to Barrie Home Inspector’s  Information page on safely using your wood stove and meeting WETT requirements

We begin with the safe installation of your wood heating appliance. Clearances and materials to ensure your safety are discussed and shown.

Burning wood is like anything else you do. If you put garbage in, expect garbage to come out. It is important to use good quality and well seasoned wood to obtain optimum performance from your appliance.  Proper fuel selection will reduce Creosote Buildup and lessen the risk of a chimney fire.

What Is WETT Inc.? 

Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc. (WETT Inc.) is a non-profit training and educational association. Through professional training and public education, WETT Inc. promotes the safe and efficient use of wood-burning systems in Canada.

In carrying out its mandate to promote increased safety and efficiency effectiveness, WETT Inc. maintains the Wood Energy Technical Training Program and acts as the national registrar for certified professionals. The wood-burning industry, insurance companies, municipal building inspectors, fire officials and government agencies recognize WETT training and certification.

Who Are WETT-Trained Professionals?

To become a WETT-trained professional requires the completion of one of WETT Inc.’s educational streams. Training consists of a minimum of four days of formal training followed by written examinations. Before WETT certificates are issued, a minimum of 80 weeks of related field experience must be declared. Some types of certified professionals include woodburning appliance installers and inspectors, hearth retail representatives,insurance inspectors, fire safety professionals, chimney sweeps and municipal inspectors.

What Does it Mean to Be WETT Certified?

To be certified by WETT Inc. means that the professional has completed the necessary training programs and has declared 80 weeks of related field experience. Once certified, the professional agrees to abide by WETT Inc.’s strict Code of Ethics. To maintain certification, certificate holders must complete continuing education requirements and renew their membership annually.

Once they are WETT trained, certificate holders have the right to use the WETT and logo in their advertising. It is important to note that WETT Inc. certifies individuals – not companies. Consumers should ask if the person whom they intend to hire is certified and ask to see his or her WETT identification card.

What Type of WETT Trained Professional Do I Need?

WETT training consists of several educational streams, including inspectors, technicians, advisors and chimney sweeps. To determine what type of WETT-trained professional you need, consider the following guidelines: Do you need a basic visual inspection such as for insurance or pre-purchase of a home that is equipped with a wood-burning appliance or fireplace? A basic visual inspection is a general overview of the readily accessible parts of a wood burning system to determine if the system meets current regulations. If this description fits your needs, any WETT certified member is trained to perform a basic visual inspection.

• If you need a more intensive inspection or an evaluation to determine system integrity, contact members listed as WETT-certified technicians or sweeps.

• If your wood-burning system is not functioning properly, is damaged or is causing concerns such as smoke spillage,rapid creosote accumulation, etc., you should contact a WETT-certified technician or sweep.

Why Should I Use a WETT Trained Professional?

To have the full assurance that your wood-burning appliance is installed safely and in accordance with building and fire code requirements, a WETT-trained professional should be consulted.

Safety is paramount, and wood-burning appliances are manufactured to work safely and efficiently when they are installed,used and maintained properly.

Many home insurance companies in Canada require an inspection by a WETT-trained professional before issuing insurance. In addition, many retailers will insist that when wood-burning appliances are sold they must be professionally installed.

How Do I Find a WETT-Trained Professional? has a Search Feature on the Top Left of Web page which allows you to find a Certified WETT Inspector or Chimney Sweep in your Local Area.  If you are buying a new home with a fireplace or wood stove it is highly recommended that you hire someone who can perform Chimney Cleaning and WETT Inspection at the same time.


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How Do I Find a WETT-Trained Professional? has a Search Feature on the Top Left of Web page which allows you to find a Certified WETT Inspector or Chimney Sweep in your Local Area.  If you are buying a new home with a fireplace or wood stove it is highly recommended that you hire someone who can perform Chimney Cleaning and WETT Inspection at the same time.

There are WETT-trained professionals throughout Canada. To find one in your area you can do the following:

• Visit WETT Inc.’s Web site and click the WETT Member search link for a complete list of WETT-trained professionals. Type the name of your town or area,and you will find a chart with the names and contact information of professionals who are certified for the various services that you need.

• Call WETT Inc. toll-free at 1 888 358-WETT (9388).

• Ask certified representative who arrives for your home or property inspection to show proper identification. A WETT-certified professional would be prepared to show you his or her WETT wallet card as proof of certification.

Visible Creosote on chimney brick.

Leaking Creosote

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Report is issued at time of inspection.

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