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Advantages of Thermal Imaging Inspections

The Advantages of Thermal Imaging are amazing to most Home Owners.   

The advance of technology has brought what was previously unobtainable to the assistance of most Home Inspectors. 

Canadian Tire now sells a basic model for $449.00, but it is not a quality item.   I own 2 infrared cameras and they cost over $10,000.00 dollars, but you do get what you pay for.

Thermal imaging cameras, using infrared technology, can actually find missing insulation, hidden moisture and various other problems that can be identified Free Thermal Imaging in Barriewith the use of a Thermal Imaging camera. The Barrie Home Inspector has invested in two Thermal Imaging Cameras.  We offer Free Thermal Imaging on every home inspection we perform. Combined with a moisture meter will allow us to detect and identify hidden areas of moisture that otherwise may have been missed.

The Barrie Home Inspector was the first “Home Inspector” in Barrie, Allison or Orillia to offer Thermal Imaging as part of the Home Inspection Process.  This allows us to perform the highest quality home inspection available without charging our clients extra fees to use inspection equipment  we already have.  Thermal Imaging can find issues in new homes as well as in older homes.  A good example of this is the insulation required in exterior walls, which in older homes, was only required to extend down 18 inches below grade.   In a finished basement a Thermal Imaging Camera will immediately show whether insulation was extended down to the floor when basement was finished or not.   This could be a huge area of heat loss which would necessitate removing entire wall finish to rectify.

Finding Hidden Moisture

With the home’s Building Envelope becoming tighter and tighter, moisture has become an issue inside newer homes.  Without the proper airflow moisture from your bathroom, laundry or air conditioning can create mould or mildew in your home.  New homes can have moisture from construction and wet soil conditions trapped between your basement walls and your insulation’s vapour barrier.  Thermal imaging, combined with a moisture meter can identify areas of hidden moisture which can then be repaired.

Electrical Hot Spots

Thermal imaging can find hot spots in your electrical system.  Aluminum wiring can corrode at connections and start arcing, causing heat.  Thermal imaging can find these hot areas where a licensed electrician can repair problem before excessive heat could lead to causing a fire.

Heat Loss

Identifying areas of heat loss, around doors and windows, can save you money when leaks are repaired.   Caulking and adding insulation to common areas of heat loss can save home owners between 10 and 15% of their energy bill.  The pictures below show section of ceiling at flue pipe penetration where there a large amount of heat loss.   Insulation was probably moved to install flue pipe and not replaced.

Heat Loss in Ceiling

Thermal Imaging view of heat loss in ceiling








The next set of Thermal Imaging pictures shows an area of missing insulation around a light in ceiling of home. Once area is identified it is a simple matter to replace missing insulation to correct problem.

Heat Loss at Ceiling Light Thermal Imaging Identifies Missing Insulation








Ensure your Home Inspection includes Thermal Imaging inspection for hidden moisture, electrical hot spots and areas of energy loss.

Call the Barrie Home Inspector when your buying a new home, listing your home or just checking your home for defects.

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