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What We Inspect - CMIWhat We Inspect – The Professional Home Inspector’s method of inspecting and equipment used is as varied as the food in different restaurants.  Not only are the methods varied by inspector but the method of reporting is usually a matter of individual preference.  We are outlining our items of inspection and reporting methods to help you to understand the inspection process and what you can expect.

ROOF – This is where we start our inspection, unless roof is too steep or unsafe to walk on.  We carry 3 ladders on our inspection vehicle which allows us to climb and inspect most common structures.  Some of the main items inspected on a roof are:  ice and water shield, shingles, number of layers of shingles, flashings, caulking, valleys, vents and masonry and metal chimneys.  We take overall pictures of the roof and of any deficiencies.  View Roofing Defect Pictures

EXTERIORAs soon as we arrive at your property we are looking for items of concern.  The overall grade of property is noted as it applies to water drainage issues.  We inspect your downspouts and extensions, pay special notice to drainage in these areas.  All windows, doors, sidewalks, porches, exterior steps, driveways and any building attachments are visually inspected for deficiencies.  Again we take overall pictures of all areas with close-up pictures of deficiencies.  Maintenance issues are also noted and documented for report. View Exterior Defect Pictures from actual home inspections.

DECKS AND STEPSMany decks have been added to homes without obtaining a building permit.  These structures are typically very easy to distinguish due to building code infractions which would have been corrected prior to final inspection by city or municipality. Some common issues with decks include:  improper attachment to building, improper support for posts, improper guards or spacing, steps are un-equal in height of higher than maximum permitted height. 

ELECTRICALElectrical cables have to be rated for exterior use.  GFCI outlets are checked to ensure correctly wired and that they do in fact trip when tested.  Exterior lights are checked for wiring and attachment.  Any underground wiring has to be installed in accordance with the CEC requirements.  A home owner can do his own wiring but the installation should be inspected by ESA or licensed electrician on completion.  View Electrical Defect Pictures from actual home inspections

FOUNDATIONS – Poured or masonry block foundations are inspected for cracks and signs of deterioration which may be caused by moisture.  Most foundations will have a crack here or there which is typically vertical in nature and very often just a hairline crack.  Horizontal cracks in foundations may require a structural engineer to evaluate, especially if there has been movement and separation of surfaces.  Foundation are inspected on both the exterior and interior.

GARAGES – Attached garages are included as part of normal home inspection.  The most common item found in garages is the use of extension cords to power automatic door openers.  The building code has recently changed What We Inspect - Home Inspectionregarding garages in Barrie and other areas requiring a receptacle for every overhead garage door.  Another common deficiency found in garages is homemade storage units.  Engineered wood trusses for example cannot have a storage unit suspended from them unless there is “detail drawing” stamped by designer or engineer approving use.  It is common to see hanging structures that are improperly connected and having supports that exceed span tables for wood. View Structural Defect Pictures

BASEMENTS– This is where most of your homes systems are installed and it the most important are of the interior of your home.  Many homes in Barrie have added second suites in their basements and the work was done without a permit or final inspection.  This means that the electrical, heating, plumbing and sometimes the structure of the home has been modified or added to and never inspected by city or licensed professional.  This is where experience and knowledge of the Ontario Building Code and the City of Barrie’s bylaws can be very important as you will inherit all the problems when you purchase the home.  Unsafe electrical wiring, modified sump pumps draining into municipal sewer, improperly enclosed furnaces and hot water tanks and illegal bedrooms are just some of the common issues typically found during inspections.  View Heating Defect Pictures

MAIN FLOORSThis part of the inspection includes operating all doors, windows, fireplaces, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, check floor coverings, exhaust vents and inspecting stairs.  Most items are cosmetic in nature unless home owner has made improper modifications or not maintained areas requiring caulking etc.

ATTICSInspecting the attic can provide a varied number of deficiencies, which can include the following:   Missing seal on attic hatch, rodent or animal presence, moisture or mould, compacted insulation from traffic in attic and improper venting of bathrooms or kitchens in attic.  In rare cases we will find damaged trusses or rafters and even rotted sheathing.  Lack or improper ventilation is the major cause of moisture or mould in attics.  View Insulation Defect Pictures

WETT Inspection of Wood Stove, Fireplace or Pellet Stove is only $75.00 when included as part of home inspection.  View WETT Inspection Defect Pictures.

What We Inspect – Report – Your home inspection report includes all picture taken during the home inspection.  At the end of the inspection we review all the pictures and explain all deficiencies.  If there are any questions we will go and view the item and explain the different options that are available to either fix or remove problem.

Your computerized report includes a PDF copy you can download and store anywhere you prefer or is convenient if you want to email report to someone. ATTENDING INSPECTION – While it is not always possible for everyone to attend the home inspection we highly recommend it.  This is the time to learn about your new home, where the controls are, the shut offs and how they function.  Although our report is far superior to most written reports it does not replace actually being there.

We promote following us during the inspections and asking questions. This is an educational experience about your new home.

As Always remember  CAVEAT EMPTOR – BUYER BEWARE The “Barrie Home Inspector”, is the only company in Simcoe County to offer a money-back guarantee if not 100% satisfied. No questions asked, money cheerfully refunded. We are the only company in Simcoe County to willingly stand behind our service with an iron clad guarantee. Our industry leading training and knowledge of the Ontario Building Code and affiliate memberships in Ministry of Housing and Municipal Affairs, OBOA, NACHI and FREA, allow us to attain and maintain a high standard of excellence.

We offer Free Thermal Imaging scans of electrical and exterior surfaces when requested. Napoleon Home Inspections was the first home inspection company in Barrie, Alliston, Orillia or Innisfil to provide this service, We are involved in continuing education and training to stay in the forefront in technology and policies which makes us your best choice when choosing a home inspector. View Thermal Imaging Defect Pictures

While most companies rely on franchise promotions to obtain your business, we base our growth on satisfied customers and excellent service. Our sole purpose is to protect you, our customer, by being the best inspection company in the Simcoe County and Barrie area.

We also provide Certified WETT Inspections for wood burning appliances for only $75.00 when included as part of home inspection.  View our Defect Pictures which show some of the unsafe installations out there.

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