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WETT Inspections Barrie for all Wood Burning Appliances

WETT Certified System Inspections in the Barrie and Local Area


WETT Inspection

Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc. (WETT) is a non-profit training and education association that promotes the safe and effective use of wood burning systems in Canada. With the cost of heating fuel climbing ever higher, more and more people are choosing wood burning systems to heat their homes. While this method offers a less expensive alternative to electrical and gas powered systems, it also poses a greater risk of fire. If your home or business is currently heated completely or partially by a wood burning device it is a good idea to have your system inspected by a Certified WETT Specialist, such as Barrie WETT Inspector.

WETT Inspections in Barrie for Level 1 Insurance Requirements

Home owners changing Insurance Companies will most likely require a WETT Certified Inspection of their wood burning appliance.  Some insurance companies will require a new Inspection even if you have an existing Inspection Report.  Every insurance company has different requirements and it is recommended you find out what they are prior to committing to moving your home insurance.

WETT Inspection – Level 1

Level-1 Inspection – “Readily Accessible”

Readily accessible can be described as quickly or easily reached for inspection. It would not require the use of special tools for opening the removal of any panel, door or other covering; nor would it require the use of ladders. A tape measure, light, mirror, camera, magnifying glass and binoculars are the usual tools required to perform this type of inspection.

Level 1 – Training Required

The first level that anybody in WETT takes for education today is the SITE Basic Inspector.  These individuals are ones who have done the minimal amount of field work and half a dozen days of classroom work along with three exams.

The first of three courses are “Code Compliance” which is a heads down study of the B365 code on wood burning installations.  The course provides an overview of wood heating technology and the regulations that govern safe installation. WETT encourages members of the wood-energy trade, and municipal, insurance and private home inspectors to take the course together so that all participants learn about the roles and work objectives of other sectors.

The second course is “Wood Burning Systems”, which provided an overview of the wood burning system, how it operates and basic installation theory.   The course objective is to introduce the concepts of system design and the skills of problem diagnosis.

The third and final course for the SITE Basic Inspector is the SITE Basic course, which is intended to introduce participants to the Levels of Inspection and SITE Guidelines and the roles and responsibilities for WETT professionals when conducting inspections of solid-fuel-burning appliances.  There are also portions covered with are to prepare the inspector for conducting, documenting and reporting on basic visual inspections of wood burning appliances.

These inspectors are able to perform the basic level of inspection or Level 1.

What type of WETT Certified professional do I need?

WETT Inspection in Barrie

Clay Flue Liner

WETT primarily certifies individuals in the following categories (and combinations thereof):

SITE Basic Inspector — These are individuals who can perform a level-1 inspection.

Technician — These are individuals who can install or perform maintenance on wood-burning appliances. They can also perform a level-1 inspection, or a level-2 inspection when an appliance or major system component are replaced.

Chimney Sweep — These are individuals who can clean and maintain your entire wood-burning system, including sweeping the chimney. They can also perform a level-1 inspection.

SITE Comprehensive Inspector — These are individuals who can perform level-1, -2 or -3 inspections. These individuals are also technicians and/or sweeps.

How can I verify that someone is certified?
You can verify that someone is certified by checking the WETT Inc. website or by calling the WETT National office at 1-888-358-9388. It is important to note that WETT certifies individuals, not companies. Companies may advertise that they have WETT Certified people on staff. When contacting companies, you should make it clear that you are looking for a WETT Certified individual to complete work on your behalf. WETT professionals are issued photo ID cards, which include a sticker. This sticker must be for the current year.

SITE is a set of standardized guidelines and procedures that are recommended by WETT for the inspection and/or evaluation of wood-burning systems.

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Inspection Report issued at time of inspection.

When booking Home Inspection with the Barrie Home Inspector, the fee for WETT Inspection is only $75.00

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