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 Mould Inspection for Barrie, Alliston and Orillia

Barrie Home Inspection Services is trained to perform mould tests accurately, and use the latest precision testing equipment. We are trained to know where to test for mold and can test multiple areas of the home.  As a professional we can locate mold you might miss yourself, and you’ll get results in a timely manner. Testing areas where mold is present are arranged, then samples will be taken and sent to an independent laboratory. The inspector will go over the report with you to ensure you understand the results

Mould Inspection  – When is it Necessary to Test For Mold?

Despite indoor mould being one of the most common problems in residential properties in Canada, there are not any widely accepted methodologies for its measurement. The Barrie Home Inspector has taken Level One Mould Course and has the latest equipment for indoor Air Quality Testing.  All our Air Quality Samples are sent to Pro-Lab for testing. Symtoms of mould are constant health concerns such as: coughing, sneezing, cold or flu symptoms. It can also irritate the eyes, skin, nose, and throat. For those with serious mould allergies it can lead to shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, while people with asthma may have asthma attacks.

Our indoor environment tends to be more polluted than the outdoor air. Poor-quality indoor air can cause major health problems, such as allergies and respiratory diseases. And even minor ailments, such as headaches and eye irritation.  Part of our Air Quality Testing involves taking an Outdoor Air Sample that the laboratory can use as a Baseline when testing areas inside your home.

Mold Inspection – Testing (Sampling)

Mold testing is the actual collecting of samples for laboratory analysis. There are four types of sampling methods used in a standard mold inspection; surface samples, bulk samples, air samples and innerAir Quality Testing Equipment used by Barrie Home inspector wall samples. 

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We recommend testing your home for mold if:


✅  You smell a musty odor in the home (a musty odor is almost always caused by some sort of mold).

✅  Your home has recently been flooded (mold frequently begins to grow after a home has been flooded).

✅  You discover mold in one area of the home (mold spreads quickly and easily throughout a home, so if you have mold in one part of the home, we recommend testing the rest of the home in case the mold has spread).

✅  You or another member of your household have symptoms of mold-related health problems, such as chronic sinus infections, chronic sore throats, frequent headaches, coughing, wheezing, unexplained rashes or hives, or unexplained fatigue.

✅  You may also want to have your home tested for mold if you or another member of your household has a health condition that can be made worse by exposure to mold, such as asthma, severe environmental allergies, respiratory disorders, or immune system disorders.

✅  You suspect there is hidden mold in your home that you can’t find.


Moisture Test for Mould 

Moisture Test for Mould


Mould in Attic  

Mould in Attic


Mould on Drywall 

Mould on Drywall


Thermal Inspection for Mould 

Thermal Inspection for Mould


Mould Inspection Method

Visual inspection –  This is done as part of every Home Inspection performed.  If mould is visually detected then further sampling is not required until after remediation has been completed.  The Barrie Home Inspection service checks every home with a Moisture Meter and Thermal Imaging Camera.

Air Sampling – Two or more samples are taken using a Professional Air Sampler which collects spores and allergens, which are then sent to an accredited laboratory for analysis.  An outdoor baseline air sample is also taken when the weather permits.

Material Testing –  Bulk, tape or swab sampling is performed at any suspect mould site or at areas designated by the client.

Thermal Imaging –  Used to inspect for unseen areas of moisture or conditions which may produce mould.  This is included Free with every home inspection package

Tests Results – The home owner will receive a written report documenting results of laboratory testing.  A recommended course of action to re-mediate the mould and digital and infrared pictures of any visible mould discovered.

Home Inspections Questions and Answers

Always Remember when buying a home:  Caveat Emptor – Buyer Beware    A knowledgeable consumer is a smart consumer.  Read our consumer protection article on Latent and Patent Defects and it’s affects for you when buying a home. 

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