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List of local Real Estate Experts for Barrie ON.  Choose from Realtor’s who are Local Experts in Buying and Selling Real Estate in the Barrie area.   Seasoned professinals who know the local market and can provide the assistance and guidance required for you to have the best possible experience whether Buying or Selling.  No Gimmicks or Slick advertising, just experience and knowledge, with you as a client being the first priority.

5 Tips for Buying a Property in Barrie

Buying a property in Barrie or anywhere in Ontario can be both an exciting and stressful at the same time. We offer five tips to help make buying  your next a smoother experience for you.

Tip #1 – Educate Yourself

Buying a house is a major decision, especially if your a First Time Home Buyer. You”re committing you and your family to a major emotional and financial decision. It”s important to educate yourself as much as you can prior to making any commitments. Some ways  you can do that include contacting real estate professionals, reading investment books and doing your research on line.

Tip #2 – Get Professional Help

According to Consumer Reports, buyers who used a real estate agent  generally saved at least $5,000 when compared to buyers who didn’t use one.  Research has shown again and again that in Barrie Real Estate Agentsthe long  run, you save money by working with a professional. Given the current  market, that”s especially true in the Barrie market. They know what  to look for, what to warn you about, how to negotiate and a whole lot  more. Why risk it with something as important as your home?  ( Remember it is the seller who pays the Realtor’s commission )  Choose from the Top Barrie Real Estate Agents

Tip #3 – Educate Yourself about Mortgages and Hire a Professional Mortgage Broker

One area that buyers are often under educated in is financing their new home. What are the different types of mortgages available? What are the pros, cons, risks  and benefits of each type of mortgage? Understanding your loan is  equivalent to understanding your financial future – therefore, hiring a mortgage broker who is prepared to spend time with you to walk you through all the mortgage alternatives and then present to you the best solution is a must.

Tip #4 – Take Your Time and Look at a Lot of Properties

Although it”s great to “fall in love” with the house of your choice  when you first see it, it”s also important to shop around and make sure  that the property you”re looking at is really the one you want. There”s a wide variety of options in the Barrie area, so make sure you”ve picked the right one before you move forward with it. Realize that it”s  very hard to go back on an offer or a purchase. The last thing you want  is a nagging feeling of doubt about whether or not you made the right  choice. Also do yourself a favor and do a thorough survey of your area before making your decision.

Tip #5 – Take Notes

Buying a home can be a period of highly accelerated education. It”s  important to take notes, both to help you cement your learning in the moment, as well as to ensure you have an easy way to refresh yourself on what you learned in the future. When you”re looking at properties,  it”s also important to take notes. If you see five houses a day for two  or three days a week, the houses can quickly blend together. You might  have trouble remembering which impression went with which house. Taking  detailed notes can help you avoid this pitfall.


One of the Final Steps in Buying a New Home is your Home Inspection.  Any home buyer will and should have a Professional Home Inspection.  Choosing your Home Inspector can be more Why You Need a Home Inspection important than choosing your Realtor.   The only person you can rely on for problems that unexpectedly show up after you move into your new home is your Home Inspector.  Your Home Inspector will carry Errors and Omissions Insurance which will cover the Home Owner for any missed items that require repair or replacement.  Everyone else involved in the transaction will just refer you to the Home Inspector.  Even with all the regulations and government controls it is still basically “Caveat Emptor” – “Buyer Beware” when purchasing Real Estate.

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