Requirements for Floor Protection

Adequate floor protection is required to prevent any sparks or embers from exiting your wood burning appliance and starting a fire which could have dire consequences for you and your family.  Having a safe zone of non-combustible material is only common sense.

WETT Inspection House

WETT Inspection of Floor Protection

Every wood stove is required to have proper floor protection, which is determined by B365 Installation Code for Solid Fuel Burning Appliances and Equipment. Your appliance would be exempt un certifiedwoodstove requires 48 inch clearancefrom these requirements if it was installed on a concrete floor. Not having the required floor protection can endanger you and your family. Often during WETT Inspections we often find improper or damaged floor protection around space heaters.

As part of the WETT Inspection we evaluate the floor surrounding the wood stove for Ember Protection. Ember protection is required to extend a minimum of 18 inches in front the opening door, and 8 inches beyond the appliance on the other sides. Construction of the ember pad could be ceramic tile, that is grouted, or sheet metal of a minimum thickness of 0.38 mm. You can also purchase a ULC Rated Hearth Pad to provide ember protection. This pre-finished units come in multiple sizes and are very popular with people who have wood stoves and fireplaces.

Depending on the height of your appliances legs you may require added floor protection below your stove.  For example an appliance that has only 3 inch legs could be required to have two layers of .35 in thick hollow masonry, clay or concrete units, arranged at right angles to allow for air circulation.  An appliance with 7 or over in of clearance would only require one layer of masonry blocks to be installed.

Hearth Pad Requirements

Your hearth extension is a noncombustible apron that covers the floor in front and to each side of the fireplace opening.  The size of the hearth pad is determined by certification, but the front extension, measured from the fireplace opening, is using from 16 inches to 20 inches measured from the front of the fireplace opening.  Side extensions of hearth pad can vary greatly form 1 1/2 inches to over 12 inches.  The hearth extension is required to be centered on fireplace.

Floor Protection Inspection

When inspecting a typical wood stove, part of the WETT inspection procedure is to inspect the floor protection around the entire unit. In most cases typical floor protection requirements for most wood stoves must extend 18 inches in front of any loading door, and 8 inches around the sides and rear of the unit. Some certified appliances can call for reduced clearances, but in most cases the dimensions listed above are fairly standard. Floor protection must consist of a continuous, durable, non-combustible pad that will provide the ember protection described in CSA B365 (Installation Code for Solid Fuel Burning Appliances).

Standard Requirements for Hearth Pad

Often we come across older wood burning fireplaces that have improper floor protection. The hearth is typically constructed of masonry and generally extends (for fireplaces with an opening of less than 6 ft²) 16 inches in front of the fireplace and 8 inches past the sides. If the fireplace has an opening larger than 6 ft², then the hearth pad must extend 20” in front of the opening and 12” past its sides.

Construction of the ember pad could be ceramic tile, that is grouted, or sheet metal of a minimum thickness of 0.38 mm. You can also purchase a ULC Rated Hearth Pad to provide ember protection. This pre-finished units come in multiple sizes and are very popular with people who have wood stoves and fireplaces.


WETT Certified Inspection

Ensuring your wood burning appliance is installed correctly can give you peace of mind.  Your insurance company will probably require a WETT Certified Inspection if you are buying, selling or changing companies.  As a home owner you can check your unit prior to arranging an inspection to ensure all components meet today’s standards.

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