Home Inspector in Barrie ONChoosing your home inspector can be a daunting task due to the amount of untrained people entering the profession.  Unfortunately in Ontario anybody can call themselves a Professional Home Inspector with little or no formal training or experience.  These websites look professional but many times the individual is claiming any experience in his life as professional qualification. We list our Qualifications on our website and detail our Professional Training as it relates to the Home Inspection field.  Roger Frost is a Certified Building Code Official with the Ontario Building Officials Association and also a Certified Master Inspector.  Roger has completed over 7500 home inspections in the past 20 years. We are the only company in Simcoe County of Offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely Satisfied with your Home Inspection.  Our Iron Clad Guarantee does not have any  Conditional Clauses or other Gimmicks attached.  You get to occupy your new home for a full days to make your decision.   We can offer this Guarantee because we are confident in our Knowledge | Experience and Training which far exceeds our competition. We also provide Commercial, Industrial, Residential inspections for Plaza’s, Churches, High Rise Apartment Buildings and Factory Complexes.  We have provided Commercial Inspections services to most of Southern Ontario and inspected multiple units with values in excess of 30 million dollars in value.  View sample Commercial Inspection We also include Free Thermal Imaging with Infrared Camera with every home inspection.  Thermal Imaging can help find hidden moisture, missing insulation and electrical hot spots.  ( This can be used to find loose aluminum wiring which is overheating ) We are also available by phone for information prior to your home inspection or after your inspection and you just need some advice concerning your home.   Call Roger today at 705-795-8255