Mould and Home Inspections go together when you are buying a new home

Mould can be present in any home!  Mould is a microscopic fungi that only needs heat, moisture and any organic substance to grow in a 48 hour period.   Water leaks and penetrations are prime
causes of mould in basements.  That is why it is so important to dry out any wet areas within 48 hours of occurrence.  Fungus will grow on wood when it has a 15 percent moisture content and the wood itself will start rotting when it reaches 20 percent.

Mould and Your Health

Certain species of mould can be extremely toxic and other are only a problem to individuals with allergies or unusual sensitivities. Buy mould reactions include pneumonitis, allergic rhinitis, Mould Growth on Ceiling
asthma, watery eyes, coughing, shortness of breath, dizziness, and fever.  Some varieties can cause problems in the digestive system, joints, lungs, eyes and ears. Some are considered carcinogenic.  Health Canada has not set safety standards for mould.  Everyones immune system is different and can react accordingly to contact with mould.  The most common side effect is flue like symptoms.

What We Look For

The Barrie Home Inspector looks for three items that coincide with mould growth:  visual evidence of mould growth, visual evidence of moisture intrusion (e.g. leaks), or areas that may be susceptible to mould in the future.  Your inspector will be particularly alert when inspecting wall or ceiling recesses, under floors or floor coverings, or areas behind furnishing or stacked boxes.

Our Air Quality Mould Test is sent to an accredited laboratory where samples are tested and a written report is created.  Along with any positive identifications of the presence of mould, methods of remediation will also be recommended.

Moisture Detection

Our inspection includes the use of specialized moisture detection equipment and infrared technology (see thermal imaging) and other various tools to track hidden moisture and locate possible areas of mold contamination.  Read out comprehensive article on Protecting Your Attic,  details concerning common issues homeowners can find in their attic.

Mould Myths

Myth #1. Clean it with bleach

Bleach is an effective antimicrobial however it is caustic and dangerous or deadly if mixed with other common household chemicals. Regular dish soap and hot water is safer and just as effective as long as the vegetative growth is properly removed prior to the introduction of moisture and, the surface is properly dried after cleaning.

It is known if you apply moisture to an active dimensional mold the resulting growth can cause the spreading of its seeds or “spores” about the environment, causing more serious contamination in other areas of the home, often through forced air heating systems.

Myth # 2. When mould is dormant it is not a problem

This is false. When mould is in an active state of growth it emits Mycotoxins as it absorbs its food source. These toxins can significantly affect those with heightened sensitivities or weakened immune systems. When mold is in a dry state the mold spores can more readily travel with natural air currents in the home, also causing potential health concerns.

Myth # 3. All molds are dangerous

Mold is part of our natural environment, and without it we would not have the biological breakdown of organics, penicillin, or blue cheese! Some molds have been linked to possible Mould Growth on Wallhealth issues. These molds include but are not limited to Stachybotrys, Fusarium and Chaetomium. These molds are not common to our outdoor environment and are clear indicators of an indoor mold growth issue when found in any amount in an air sample. Other molds are common to our outdoor environment include but are not limited to Penicillium/Aspergillus, Cladosporium and Basidiospores, and are found in most air sampling we perform to some extent, as long as the levels are not excessive. Because we share our indoor environment with the outdoor environment it would not be realistic to expect a mold free home in most cases.

If you hire the Barrie Home Inspection Service for you next property purchase you will also receive a Free Thermal Imaging Scan of entire home which can find hidden moisture that might other wise go undetected.





As an added bonus when you are purchasing a home with a woodstove, fireplace or pellet stove, you can obtain a Site Basic Certified Wett Inspection for only $50.00 per unit, as part of Home Inspection package.