Pre-delivery Inspection – Your New Home

Pre-Delivery Inspection – As part of the process of buying a new home you will be required to attend your Pre-Delivery inspection with the builders representative. During this inspection you will walk through and around your new home noting all the deficiencies on the Pre-Delivery form as part of your Tarion Warranty.

Pre-Delivery Inspection





Pre-Delivery Inspection – What We Inspect for You

Your Pre-Delivery InspectionPre-Delivery Inspection – Having a Professional Home Inspector participate in your inspection will guarantee that you do not miss items that may not be fixed by the builder if not noted on your Pre-Delivery inspection. Catching this deficiencies at this time will ensure the builder has time to repair them prior to you moving in. As most of the work on your new home was completed by sub-trades, there is a good chance that mistakes may have been made.

Even your local building department can miss items that should have been noted during their inspections. Many of the items that have been noted on Pre-delivery inspections include: Missing Ice and Water Shield on roof, windows that will not open, damaged floor joists, trip hazards on floor surface, missing nails on joist hangers, missing insulation in attic, water penetration of walls, foundation cracks and poorly fitting doors.

Some builders will recommend you add your deficiencies to your 30 day warranty form for Tarion, and that they will address them at that time. This is typically a poor choice as there can be some dispute about condition of home when you did not note items on your Pre-Delivery Inspection. I have inspected homes for people where the scratches on the hardwood floor, although there during the PDI, were not noted and on the 30 day inspection the builder disputed his responsibility.

We include Free Thermal Imaging scan as part of every PDI inspection.

At the end of the Pre-Delivery Inspection we will review and discuss our findings with you and the builder. We can ensure the builder is given all the information needed to ensure all deficiencies are corrected.

We provide you with a computerized report which details all findings and includes pictures of every defect.

Your Home Inspection will ensure your new home is what you expected.

Ensure Health and Safety Issues are identified.

Provide an Accurate List for Tarion Warranty Forms

Prevent Home Buyer from paying for correction of deficiencies.

After years of consumer complaints Tarion is finally going to be removed from Managing Ontario’s New Home Warranty Program.  Considered by most people to be in the Builders Pocket,  Tarion has had Free Reign over New Home Buyers for over 4 decades.

Minister of Government and Consumer Services Tracy MacCharles says the move will mean removing responsibilities from the Tarion Warrant Corp., which has overseen nearly all facets of the home building sector for the past 40 years.  Unfortunately the elected Conservative government has not followed through with this plan.

MacCharles says Tarion has been responsible both for regulating builders and administering the province’s new home warranties, but the system lends itself to the perception of a conflict of interest.

TARION narrowly avoided loosing the responsibility of inspecting homes when the Provincial Government progued Parliament.   Tarion was slated to have the Home Inspection part of their duties removed as an audit showed there were not doing any.  Premier Doug Ford has not seen fit to follow through with the proposed Tarion Reorganization even though most Home Owners and Rights Avocates have fought for this for years.

As Always remember “ CAVEAT EMPTOR –  BUYER BEWARE

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