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Innisfil WETT Inspections

Innisfil WETT Inspections for all your Wood Burning Appliances

Over 15 years Experience as a WETT Certified Inspector

WETT Inspection Report issued at time of Inspection

If you use a wood burning appliance in your home, such as a wood stove, wood-fired furnace, pellet stove or wood-burning fireplace, and never had it WETT Innisfil WETT Inspectioninspected, you should arrange for a WETT inspection for the safety of you and your family. Most insurance companies will also require you to obtain a WETT inspection on a new installation, on an existing installation that has undergone a modification, or when you purchase a home equipped with a wood burning appliance.

When you require a basic visual inspection such as for insurance or pre-purchase of a home equipped with a certified or uncertified wood stove, pellet stove, corn stove, factory built fireplace, combination or add-on furnace, you can rely on the Innisfil WETT Inspector to provide you with a Certified Inspection.

Typically, when people are looking for an insurance type of inspection, a WETT certified inspector will conduct a visual Level I inspection to determine if there is evidence of any problems with the installation.

The Site Basic ( Level One )  inspection is essentially a visual overview of the readily accessible parts, clearances, chimney heights, stove location with respect to combustible materials and construction to determine if the system meets the CSA Standard B365 (Installation Code for Solid-Fuel-Burning Appliances and Equipment) and the Ontario Building Code (Part 9)

If there are items that do not meet or could be a potential problem, we will explain the identified problem and offer the best and easiest solution.  Ultimately it is up to the homeowner to make repairs and ensures their wood burning appliance complies with all regulations.  All Site Basic WETT inspections are followed up with a detailed inspection report.  Once the identified concerns are corrected or if necessary, repaired by a WETT certified technician, our WETT certified inspector will issue a WETT Certified Inspection Report at no extra charge.

Here are just some of the typical items that are checked during a typical WETT Inspection on a woodstove, fireplace or pellet stove:

  • Chimney & Cap
  • Chimney Liner or Flue Tiles
  • Smoke  Chamber
  • Wood Stove or Fireplace Damper
  • Firebox & Firebricks/Linings
  • Hearth & Floor Protection
  • Mantle & Clearances to Combustible Walls & Ceilings
  • Heat Shield Construction for Reduced Clearances
  • Proper Flue Pipe Installation & Venting
  • Clearance to Combustible Exterior Items
  • Chimney Foundations & Masonry
  • Overall Condition of the Woodstove, Fireplace and its Chimney

View samples of Defects Typically found by Innisfil WETT Inspector 

Wood Stove Installation Information

  • Adding a wood stove to a house must be undertaken properly to ensure a safe installation.
  • Install a stove with adequate clearance from any combustible surfaces, including floors, walls or furniture.
  • Any chimney must have adequate capacity, the correct height, proper location, proper clearance from combustibles and proper mechanical support to be safe.
  • When an efficient airtight stove is selected and installed with a proper chimney, the efficiency and safety of the stove operation is largely dependent on the skill of the operator.
  • The type of wood also can affect stove operation.
  • A wood stove requires regular maintenance: proper cleaning of the chimney to remove creosote deposits, regular inspection of the installation, and handling of ashes.


WETT Inc Information

WETT Inc. (Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc.) is a non-profit training organization that provides in-depth training for inspectors of wood-burning appliances to check for code compliance and adherence to safety requirements. A WETT certified inspector has met the qualifications for performing these inspections.

WETT Inc. (Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc.) is the authority on all solid fuel burning appliances in Canada.

Roger Frost has been a WETT Certified Inspector for over 15 years.  Call today to book your WETT Certified Inspection

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