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Asbestoes Dangers In Your Home
Even if asbestos is in your home, this is usually NOT a serious problem. The mere presence of asbestos in a home or a building is not hazardous. The danger is that asbestos materials may become damaged over time. Damaged asbestos may release asbestos fibers and become a health hazard.

Vermiculite Insulation Hazards
Insulation containing asbestos was sold in Canada prior to 1990 as Zonolite Attic Insulation. This insulation was produced at the Libby Mine in Montana.

Combustion Gases and Interior Air Pollution
What You Should Know About Combustion Appliances and Indoor Air Pollution. This article is brought to you by Napoleon Home Inspections.

Radient Heat Alert
Ontario Hydro has issued a consumer alert for Flex-Radient Ceiling systems. If you are planning on purchasing a home with ceiling radient heat you will want to read this article.


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