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Wasaga Beach Home Inspector – Great Service – Great Price

The Wasaga Beach Home Inspector, Dave Listro is committed to providing the best possible home inspection service for $349.00 ( Single Residential Home). With over 700 inspections You can benefit from our Knowledge and Experience when investing in your new home.

A home inspection is a visual, non-invasive inspection of all the major systems of your home. Starting at the exterior, we climb your roof, evaluate shingles, cladding, Wasaga Beach Home Inspectorlandscaping, decks, drainage systems and landscaping. We then inspect the basement; checking all systems, running all fixtures, operating doors and windows, testing electrical outlets, and we end up in your attic.

The general rule of thumb when buying Real Estate is that a seller isn’t obligated to disclose defects that are visible to a buyer. If deficiencies are not discovered prior to closing it is very difficult to recover the cost of repairs , or  have any money refunded. We offer FREE Thermal Imaging as part of our inspection package, helping to identify electrical hot spots, missing insulation and concealed moisture issues.

At the conclusion of every inspection we review all deficiencies found and ensure you, the buyer, completely understand the nature of the deficiency and what is required to repair the problem. Our computer generated report then clearly sets out all deficiencies and maintenance requirements for your property at the time of the inspection.  Part of the computer generated home inspection report is a General Summary, which can be used as a maintenance list for repairs.

With over 6 years experience, over 700 inspections we have the Experience, Knowledge and Education to offer you a 100% Guaranteed Inspection. As a potential purchaser you can put our training and experience to work for you when purchasing a new property. Enjoy a Risk Free Home Inspection when you hire David Listro. Call anytime for phone consultation for Information about your home or your home inspection.

The Wasaga Beach Home Inspector also provides the following services:

  • Air quality testing – mould testing
  • WETT Inspections
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Asbestos Testing and Sampling
  • Commercial Building and Property Inspections
  • Free phone consultations

We provide FREE follow up consultation. We are only a phone call away!

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