Alliston Home Inspector Information on your inspection

If your looking for a Home inspector for Alliston ON,  look no further!

Roger Frost is a Certified Building Code Official with the Ontario Building Officials Association.  He also has performed over 8,000 home inspections in the past 15 years.  Roger is also a Certified Master Inspector, which is another home inspection industry standard.

Free Thermal Imaging is offered with every home inspection.  Scanning your home with an Infrared Camera can find missing insulation, electrical hot spots or hidden moisture issues.  There is no charge for this service and it allows you Peace of Mind when purchasing a home.

We offer a 100% Money Back guarantee on all our home inspections.  Our Knowledge and Experience allows us to offer this to all our clients.  We are the only Home Inspection company in Simcoe County to offer this guarantee.

Your home will most likely be one of the most expensive purchases you will make. Once you have purchased your home it is too late to change your mind or ask for your money back. Even if you find something that was damaged after you last viewed your new home it can be a legal nightmare trying to get something repaired or financial compensation. A professional home inspection can identify potential problems prior to completing the purchase your home.

Roger will review your entire home inspection report with you while at the home.  This allows you to actually look at what has been identified and fully comprehend its importance.  Our detailed computerized report includes over view pictures of home and individual areas.   Every deficiency is identified and includes a picture and comment regarding problem or failure of device or system.  Roger is also available 24/7 by phone to answer any questions you may have concerning your new home.

Century Home Inspections

We currently inspect at least one century home per week.  We have developed an expertise in the inspection of these older homes that generates a lot of referrals, from past clients and Realtors who require this specific expertise for their clients.  Many times we find issues with Century Homes that the home owner was not even aware of.

Building Permits

Many times home owners will complete a renovation or project without obtaining a Building Permit.  While a home owner is permitted to perform work on his own home,  they are required to have the appropriate permits and subsequent inspections performed.  We often find evidence of work being completed without a Building Permit being issued.  This is where our specific Knowledge and Experience in the Ontario Building Code becomes invaluable to you,  the home buyer.    If you purchase a home that had plumbing, electrical or structural modifications done without a permit, then you become responsible for any future problems or repairs required.

Caveat Emptor –  Buyer Beware    ( once money has changed hands at the end of a Real Estate Transaction, it is very difficult to have any non-discovered issues resolved by seller )

Remember a Educated Consumer is a Smart Consumer  –  Do your home work before investing your hard earned money.

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