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Buying a home is probably the biggest investment you and your family will ever make. Your choice of home can affect your family’s future for years to come.  The process can be extremely stressful and confusing. And of course, there is always considerable risk involved when purchasing a home.

When buying a house, you have every right to be nervous. Just because a house “shows well”, there may be serious, hard-to-see problems lurking under the surface. These are the problems that can lead to costly, unplanned repairs and—even worse—serious health issues.

A home inspection, coupled with a knowledgable Realtor can make your home purchase a lot safer.  After performing over 8,000 home inspections I find when buying a home you generally get what you pay for.  Your Realtor should show you comparable pricing on the home you are planning to purchase which should show whether you are paying a “Fair Price” for the property.  Buying an under priced home will generally end up costing you a lot more in the future in unforeseen repairs.  Remember your Home Inspection is not a warranty or guarantee!

Definition of Home Inspection

home inspection is a limited, non-invasive examination of the condition of a home, often in connection with the sale of that home. Home inspections are usually conducted by a home inspector who has the training and certifications to perform such inspections. The inspector prepares and delivers to the client a computerized report of findings. The client then uses the knowledge gained to make informed decisions about their pending real estate purchase. The home inspector describes the condition of the home at the time of inspection but does not guarantee future condition, efficiency, or life expectancy of systems or components.

Structural Inspection Defects

Any modifications of existing structural components in a home will require a Building Permit and a Stamped Design Detail from an engineer or Registered Designer.   Most Century Home that I inspect have Steel Support Posts added to existing support beams or floor joists.  Other than the required Building Permit, any support post requires a footing and post has to be secured both top and bottom.

The pictures to the right show a wood support beam which has been cut completely through for plumbing installation.  This is a multi-joist support beam but as you can clearly see the beam that is supporting the adjacent floor joists is the one compromised.

If you purchase a home without a Professional Home Inspection you will most likely end up being responsible for cost of repairs.  Failing to have defect repaired professionally can result in sagging floors, which if left for a long period of time can be difficult to repair.

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