Thermal Imaging of Home – Free with every inspection

Thermal Imaging and Home Inspections is an added insurance for the home buyer.  Thermal Imaging is the use of an infrared camera to show images which show differences in surface temperatures. These differences are Barrie Home Inspections provides Free Thermal Imagingshown by different colours on a colour scale. Any small differences in temperature can be the indication of moisture or lack of insulation.  An infrared camera can often identify potential problems concealed beneath the finished surfaces of the home, giving you the opportunity to repair them before they become critical problems. We always check areas such as walls or ceilings near plumbing fixtures and areas around appliances. If a difference is detected, it can be measured with a moisture meter to see if there is moisture present.


Finding Moisture Using Thermal Imaging

Under the right conditions a Thermal Imaging Camera can help identify the following issues:  Once identified issues are always verified with moisture meter, temperature reading and visual conformation.


  • Moisture behind a surface
  • Leaks in air ducts or plumbing
  • Missing or damaged insulation
  • Problems with radiant heating
  • Unexpected air leaks from exterior
  • Furnace, AC and blower motor problems
  • Abnormal heat from an appliance or electrical system
  • Unwanted animals in the attic and crawl space
  • Problems with sealed windows
  • Structural problems, such as missing or damaged studs

The Barrie Home Inspector provides FREE Thermal Imaging on every inspection because we believe that you should utilize every tool in your possession when inspecting a customer’s investment.

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We do not leave tools in the box in hopes of collecting another “fee”.

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One of the most important roles of being a professional home inspector it being realistic with our clients and knowing how to explain and manage their expectations as to what they can reasonably expect to learn about a property from a limited, non-invasive, visual inspection.   This is not done to downplay our liability but to deal with the home inspection and any deficiencies found in a knowledgeable and reasonable manner.   This is where having over 40 years of related experience, over 15 years of actual home inspection experience and the knowledge of having performed over 7500 residential inspections is invaluable to the home owner.   Everyone has to start somewhere but do you want them practicing on your home?

When buying a home with a Wood Burning appliance think about getting a WETT Inspection as part of your home inspection package.  The Barrie WETT Inspector only charges $75.00 when included as part of home inspection package.  Most insurance companies now require appliance be inspected by a WETT Certified Inspector prior to issuing home owners insurance.

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When buying a new home it is important to understand the condition of the property and how expensive the repairs will be.   Our experience, training and knowledge will provide you with an expert opinion regarding the condition of your new home.

The Barrie Home Inspector specializes in Century Home Inspections and can provide Asbestos Testing Service for older materials.