First Time Home Buyers – Understanding Your Home Inspection

Your Home Inspection is one the most important steps in the home buying process.  As the purchaser you will have to cover the cost but protecting your investment is a #1 priority.  A Home inspector is a professional who is trained in examining the structures and major components of the home such as plumbing, the roof, and the electrical system. The report will cover the condition of these systems and any recommendations for repair or replacement that is needed.

Choosing Your Home InspectorFirst-Time-Home-Buyers---Home-Inspector

To find a reputable inspector, first ask friends who have recently purchased a home whether they recommend the person they used.  Many consumer groups advise against using Home Inspectors recoomended by your Realtor.  Researching local inspectors and interviewing them over the phone will ensure your inspector only has your interests at heart.  Google Reviews provide customer satisfaction ratings for local companies.

When interviewing your potenial Home Inspector you should consider asking these questions:

Attending the Home Inspection

Buyers should always attend the home inspection.   You should ask questions about any concerns you may have and ensure you fully understand the answers.  Fully understanding the results of your Home Inspection process is very important.  The Barrie Home Inspector takes pictures of every deficiency found in the home.   At the end of the inspection he will review all the defects and their affect on the condition of the home.   This important step allows the buyer to actually view the defect prior to leaving the home.

Covid19 Protocols

We request the amount of people attending the Home Inspection be limited to 2 persons.   Masks are to be worn during entire inspection.  Social Distance of 6 feet or 2 meters to be maintained at all times.  Your inspector will be wearing gloves and mask for the inspection.  Alcohol and wipes are used to disinfect between inspections which includes disinfecting interior of vehicle.  Your home inspector has received the COVID19 vaccine.

Contractor Estimates

Many times during a Home Inspection my clients will bring in Contractors to give estimates on renovations they require prior to moving in.   This is a very good method of realizing and controlling costs when buying a home that requires renovations.  ( Covid19 Protocols must be in place )

Home Inspection Report

You will be provided access to an online computerized report. ( which also includes a PDF copy )  All areas of the Home are separated into Sections with Pictures of Defects and the Inspectors recommendations.  The report also includes a Summary which is a List of Defects without pictures.   This summary is great to use as a To Do List for maintenance and repairs.

Defects Found

After reading your Home Inspection Report – Depending on the issues, you might ask the seller to fix them, or reduce the purchase price. If the defects are serious enough, you may be able to cancel the agreement to purchase the property.  Your Realtor can help you decide what is important [ expensive repairs such as foundations or roof ] and can make an amendment to the Purchase & Sale Agreement.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Roger Frost is the only Home Inspector to offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee with no questions asked.  This guarantee if good for 30 days after you take possession of your new home.  This allows the home owner lots of time to identify any deficiences that may have been missed.

Free Thermal ImagingFree Thermal Imaging - First Time Buyers

A complete Thermal Scan of your home is included with every Home Inspection. Infrared Cameras can find hidden moisture, missing insulation or electrical hot spots.  A thermal scan of your basement can determine if the older basement walls were fully insulated or the insulation extends just 18 inches below grade.

Thermal Imaging can also be used on Flat Roofs to find leaking layers of roofing material prior to leak actually penetrating into building.  Early morning is the best time for inspecting roofs before the sun heats up material making spotting defects very difficult.


More Information Required ?

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